Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

  • Destination Nepal
  • Activity Nepal Helicopter Tours 2023
  • Duration 1 Days

One of Nepal’s uncommon and undiscovered tourist sites is Rara Lake. The beautiful lake sparkles like a gem while being surrounded by the towering Himalayas. Rara is the largest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal and is situated in the districts of Jumla and Mugu. The Rara Lake Helicopter Tour can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience of ecstasy and surprise. This tour starts from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and within 40 minutes you will arrive in Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj, you will continue the helicopter flight to Rara Lake and eventually arrive at Rara Lake. As soon as you arrive there, your heart will be filled with joy and compassion by the soothing wind brought by the lake’s waves. So, be ready to explore more on this extremely exquisite Rara Lake helicopter tour, including the itinerary, price, main sights, and highlights.

Highlights of the Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

  • Fantastic aerial image of the mountains over Rara Lake and a close-up look at the colorful lake
  • Rara Lake up close views
  • Breathtaking beautiful Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges
  • Wildlife in Rara National Park. The park is home to some of the most endangered species of animals, including the red panda, Himalayan tahr, goral, and musk deer.
  • Enjoy the spectacular view of the area, which includes the lake, a retro village, and beautiful hills.
  • Views of Rara Lake and its surroundings in 360 degrees
  • Beautiful mountain views and landscapes close to Rara Lake
  • Discover the incredibly diverse alpine vegetation and meadows.

Rara Lake Helicopter Tour Cost 

Private Rara Helicopter tour (on-season)$ 4000 to $ 5000 per person
Private Rara Helicopter tour (off-season)$ 3800 to $ 4500 per person
Flying in a groupAvg. cost per person = $ 1400

Main highlights of the Rara Lake Helicopter Tour

1.Rara National Park 

Rara National Park, the nation’s tiniest national park, which consists of the Rara lake is located in Nepal’s Mugu and Jumla districts. The park was established in 1976 to protect the unique plants and animals of the Jumla and Humla areas. Within the deep pine, oak, and rhododendron forests, a variety of 170 plant species, 241 bird species, and 51 mammal species can be discovered.

Additionally, it has coniferous trees all around and is the most beautiful national park. This national park, which is great for bird watching, is where you may observe the Danfe, musk deer, Himalayan tahr, and other endangered species.

2.Rara Lake/Mahendra Tal 

One of Nepal’s largest and deepest lakes, Mahendra Tal another name for Rara Lake rises 3,000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas. With its 168-meter depth and crystal-clear, deep-blue waters, this magnificent oval-shaped lake allows you to see all the way to the bottom. Mountains covered with a snow surround the lake. Beautiful alpine woodlands dominate much of Rara National Park, making it a perfect area to stop and contemplate nature. The three times each day color changes of the magnificent lake are truly breathtaking. A panoramic view can be seen when Kanjirowa Himal reflects in Rara Lake on a clear day.

3.Horseback riding, cycling, and boating in the surrounding of Rara Lake:

An excellent choice for doing some fun around Rara lake to further explore the area can be going for horseback riding, boating, or even cycling. Additionally, the walk around the lake takes some effort physically and takes a lot of time. Therefore, kayaking, riding horses, or even cycling around the circuit may be the greatest ways to explore the Rara and its surrounding biodiversity.

4.Captivating Karnali of Far West:

With the Rara Lake Helicopter Tour, you will have a wonderful opportunity to explore Nepal’s pure, serene, and breathtaking Karnali region. Since it is located in the far western region of Nepal, you will get to know its culture.

You will gain a complete understanding of the unique Buddhist traditions and culture of the people who live in the Rara region, as well as the differences between their traditions, customs, rituals, standards, and values. Throughout this helicopter tour, you will also encounter actual Tibetan Buddhism and Bonbo culture. On this helicopter tour, you will also witness a lot of Buddhist stupas scattered along the Rara trekking trail. The simplicity of the natives will astound you as you converse with them. During this tour, you will have a brief opportunity to speak with locals who primarily work in agriculture and beekeeping.


You begin your Rara Lake Helicopter Tour early in the morning. You’ll go by car to Tribhuvan International Airport and proceed to the helicopter to board your flight after completing the required airport formalities. The plane needs to refuel before heading to Rara Lake. You will therefore land at Nepalgunj Airport to refuel.

Flight from Nepalgunj to Rara Lake:

This helicopter tour’s scenic journey to Rara Lake is its main attraction. You will experience a great encounter as you soar over the lovely sky while taking in amazing 360-degree views of the mountains and Himalayan environment. Huge mountains, green landscapes, and quaint towns surround this lake surrounding. From the landing area, one can observe Rara Lake and the best Himalayan vistas. During this helicopter journey over Nepal’s secret passageways via forests, alpine meadows, steep slopes, and the Rara Lake itself, you will get a bird’s-eye view of the isolated northwest. During this brief helicopter tour, you will have a wonderful wilderness experience. True solitude and adventure await you as you move further.

Spend some time at Rara Lake :

After some time you will come down to the lakeside to experience it yourself. Once you arrive at your destination, you will have plenty of time to explore one of Mother Nature’s greatest treasures. You can rest there and take pictures with your friends and family members.

Flight from Rara Lake to Nepalgunj:

You will travel back to Kathmandu after admiring the stunning views of Rara Lake and shooting some amazing pictures. From Nepalgunj, you’ll take a taxi back to Kathmandu. Your helicopter lifts off after a few hours of exploring the magnificent lakes so you can admire Rara Lake’s great natural splendor from above. After spending some time enjoying yourself in this little portion of heaven known as Rara Lake, you will return to Nepalgunj.

Fly to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj:

You’ll board another airplane to get to Kathmandu after you land in Nepalgunj. You return to Kathmandu through an exhilarating helicopter ride. You will then be taken back to your hotel. It will take only 1 and a half hours to complete this helicopter flight. The Himalayas and some of the best mountain views will be exclusively yours during your return flight

Equipment Checklist for Rara Helicopter Tour
  • Map,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Snow glasses,
  • Camera
  • Thermal coat,
  • Woolen sweaters,
  • Water bottle

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