4 days of Lhasa tour

  • Destination Tibet
  • Duration 4 Days
  • Max. Altitude 3660
  • Transportation microbus/bus/jeep
  • Grade Moderate
  • Group Size 5 to 6

4 Days of Lhasa Tour in 2022

4 days Lhasa tour is a special package designed to travel Lhasa and all its significant places. In this tour, you will be travelling to several antique, cultural, and artistic areas in Lhasa. Besides, the tour also carries important historical values as the tour also includes the Potala palace, which ages back to the 7th century since the Songtsan Gampo regime. Additionally, the palace was later reconstructed in the 17th century under the supervision of the Dalai Lama. Similarly, we will also visit the central cathedral, ‘Jokhang Temple’, and Barkhor Street Market, which is popular for varieties of gift shops. Likewise, some other places you will visit during the trip are the Sera monastery and Drepung monastery. These two monasteries are some of the great monastic universities. Norbulingka Palace is another must-visit place while in Lhasa. In addition, Norbulingka Palace is the summer palace of the Dalai Lama.

About Lhasa

The administrative headquarters of Tibet, Lhasa, is an urban hub of the Lhasa city situated in Southwest China. Lhasa has been not just the administrative but also the religious capital of Tibet since the mid-17th century. Additionally, Lhasa is also one of the highest cities in the world, with an altitude of 3656 meters. Some of the sites Lhasa is popular for are Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Norbulingka Palaces. Many people around the world come to Lhasa for sacred and travelling purposes. According to the Tibetan government, in 2019, more than 40 million people visited Tibet, and Lhasa was one of the most visited places. Besides, the total population of Tibet itself is only 2.096 million. The city is popular for its antique religious faith, untouched culture, outstanding craftworks, and art. In your 4 day tour to Lhasa, you will observe distinct cultural beauty, magnificent landscape, and magnificent mountain range.

So, what is Lhasa famous for, and why are people travelling to Lhasa. As per the records, many visit Lhasa for business purposes, but thousands of people come to Lhasa for other purposes like travelling and religious purposes. Some of the major attractions of Lhasa are:

Potala Palace

One of the most visited places in Lhasa is Potala Palace. Potala Palace is a 12,000 feet tall architectural treasure built on Red Hill, central Lhasa. As per UNESCO, the palace is also a World Heritage Site as it represents historical and cultural values. Additionally, the palace holds religious values as its name is from ‘Mt. Potalaka is a mythical residence of the Buddhist god ‘Avalokitesvara’.

Sera Monastery

While in Lhasa, one of the exciting activities to look at is the Monks of Sera Monastery debating during their lunch hour. The debate is different from other formal debates as it consists of many dramatic gestures. Each gesture during the debate has a meaning. These gestures help monks give the debate a powerful sensation.

Norbulingka Palace

Built under the supervision of the 7th Dalai Lama in the year 1755, Norbulingka Palace is located in the west of Lhasa. Norbulingka Palace is popular as the summer palace of the Dalai Lama and its architectural beauty. The successive Dalai Lamas, since the 1780s, used this palace as their residence during the summer. Norbulingka Palace was in use till the banishment of the 14th Dalai Lama in the year 1959. UNESCO considers Norbulinka Palace a world heritage site due to its historical significance since 2001. In addition, the palace is also considered a historical entity of the Potala Palace. Norbulingka Palace was used as the administrative and religious centre of Tibet. Spread on almost 90 acres, Norbulingka Palace is the largest man-made garden in Tibet. Once you reach Potala Palace, Norbulingka Palace is just a few miles away towards the west.

Jokhang Temple

The most popular temple in Tibet for its religious significance, Jokhang Temple, is visited by Buddhists to worship and pray. Besides, the temple also represents the love of the King for his Queens. It was built during the regime of the Tibetan emperor Songtsen Gampo for the princess of Nepal’ Bhrikuti’, and the princess of Chana’ Wencheng’ as both of them brought vital Buddhist teachings, statues, and images from their homeland to Tibet as their dowries. These items of dowries are placed in Jokhang Temple. Right now, the Gelug school has been maintaining the temple. Besides, the temple also offers a beautiful architectural style representing Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian styles.


The first day is the day of arrival at Gonggar airport where you will be received by our local guide. Afterward, you will travel to Lhasa through a drive that might take around 1 and a half hours. The altitude will be slightly changed thus for the rest of the day you will rest.
Second day is especially for sightseeing popular historic monuments and religious places like ‘Potala palace’ a world heritage site and ‘Norbulinkapalace‘ the summer palace of the Dalai Lama. Besides, you will also visit some other popular monasteries and tombs of eight past Dalai Lamas.
On your third-day visit, you can explore the monks debating during the tea break at the sera monastery. Similarly, You will also visit the Jokhang temple. These places are going to be exciting and educative at the same time. After the visit, you will visit Barkhor Markets and then head back to the hotel for ease.
On the fourth day you will depart from Lhasa airport to your respective airport after breakfast.

What’s included?

  • Transportation facilities,
  • Tibet Visa Fee,
  • Travel Permits,
  • State and regional taxes,
  • Entrance fee for sightseeing,
  • Accommodation (Lodging)
  • Four meals per day (Fooding)
  • English-speaking Tibetan guide.

What's Not Included?

  • International and domestic airfare.
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses


What are the major attractions of 4 days Lhasa tour?

Potala Palace Sera Monastery Norbulingka Palace Jokhang Temple

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4 days of Lhasa tour

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