Resham Firiri Song Lyrics
26 May, 2022
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Resham Firiri is a famous Nepali folk song sung by almost every Nepali once in their lifetime. Nowadays with a rise in social media, Resham firiri has become even more popular. Although it’s a Nepali song, people around the world who come to Nepal can be heard singing it. While trekking, hiking, or camping, Resham firiri is preferred anywhere. The main reason behind Resham firiri becoming so popular is its catchy tune and simple accent. Now, since everyone sings this song, many might have several questions regarding the origin, the lyrics, and the meaning. Well, don’t you worry! Because we present you this blog where we have covered all these topics. But before that, a brief description of the song is presented in the table below:

ComposerBuddhi Pariyar
Original SingersDwarika Lal Joshi and Sundar Shrestha
Length5:28 minutes

Origin of Resham firiri song

The folk song is believed to have been recorded around 1969/1970 looking at the manual records of Radio Nepal. Additionally, the serial number and the tape number are 26 and 846 as a result of which it is believed to be recorded very early. As per the records of Radio Nepal, Resham firiri was sung by two individuals Sunder Shreshta and Santosh Basnet. However, later Sunder Shrestha also collaborated with ‘Dwarika Lal Joshi to sing the same song. Similarly, Resham firiri was composed by ‘Buddhi Pariyar’. The song is best played with the aboriginal Nepalese musical instruments ‘sarangi’ and ‘maadal’.

Resham firiri song lyrics

Resham firiri, resham firiri

Udera Jauki dandaa ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Kukura lai kuti kuti biralolai suri

Timro hamro Maya pirti dobatoma kuri

Resham firiri resham firiri, udera Jauki danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Ek nale banduk, dui nale banduk, mirga lai takeko

Mirga lai mailey takeko hoina maya lai dakey ko

Resham firiri resham firiri, udera Jauki danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Aakashma jahaj, sadakma motor nabhaye gaada chha

Yo manma jasto tyo manma vaya tagatai gada chha

Resham firiri resham firiri, udera Jauki danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri

Saano ma saano gaai ko bachho bhirai ma Ram Ram

Chhodera jaana sakina maile, baru maya sanghai jaam

Resham firiri resham firiri, udera Jauki danda ma bhanjyang resham firiri


The meaning below is translate as per the context of the song. The exact meaning of each word will be slightly different. The song is fun centric and does not care for logic. However, to make this song a bit more meaningful, we have tried to translate it as a song and not a bund of words. As per the words of the song, Resham firiri is a love song. A love song is sung by a lover to his crush/beloved and it translates like

Resham Firiri: Silk flutters

Resham: Silk(in Nepali)

Firiri: Nepalese expression used to express the fluttering of some object like a shawl (light object) in the breeze.

Udera Jau Ki Dhada Ma Bhanjyang: Shall I fly and go away there is a mountain pass on the hill.

Udera: Flying Jau: Go Ki: Shall I

Dandaa : Hill Ma: In Bhanjyang: the Mountain Pass,

Kukur Lai Kuti Ma Kuti Biralo Lai Suri: For dogs, they say Kuti Kuti and Cats they say Suri.

Kukur: Dog Biralo: Cat Kuti: An expression used to call a dog

Suri: An expression used to call a cat Lai: for

Ma: In Nepalese grammar that is a set of words used as an expression and carries no meaning. Such words are classified as Nipaat (निपात). ‘Ma’ in this song’s context reacts as Nipaat.

Timro Hamro Maya Priti Dobato Ma Kuri: your and my (Our) love took place waiting for each other at the junction of two roads.

Timro: Your Hamro: Our (In this context, mine) Maya: Love

Priti: Love Dobato: Junction of two roads Ma: In

Kuri: Waiting.

Ek nale banduk dui nale banduk, mirga lai takaeko:

One Barrel gun, Two barrel gun, aimed for the deer

Ek: One Nale: Barrel Banduk: Gun

Dui: Two Mirga: Deer Lai: for

takaeko: Aim at/ target

Mirga lai maile takaeko hoina, maya lai dakaeko:

No no, I did not aim for the deer rather I called my dear

Maile: I Hoina: not dakaeko: call

Aakash ma jhahaj shadak ma motor nabahye gada cha:

There is an airplane in the sky, car in the road, if not both there is Pulling cart

Aakash: Sky Ma: in

Jhahaj: Airplane (in this context ). Jhahaj also refers to ship Shadak: Road

Motor: Vehicles like a car, bus, van Nabahye: otherwise

Gaada: a pulling cart Cha: is

Yo man jasto tyo man bhayae tagatai ghada cha:

Only if my heart was strong as yours it would have so much strength

Yo: this Man: heart Jasto: alike

Tyo: that Bhayae: have been Tagat: strength

Gaadha: a lot

Sano ma sano gai ko baccho, bhirai ma ram ram:

Oh god! There is a small calf of a cow on the hill slope

Sano: Small Ma: An expression Nipaat (निपात) Gai: Cow

ko:’s Bachho: Calf Bhir: Hill slope

Ma: in ram: A Hindu god

Chodera Jana sakina maile, baru maya sagai jau:

No I could not go alone leaving you my love let’s go together

Chodera: By leaving Jana: go Sakina: Could not

Maile: I Baru: Instead Sagai: together

Jau: go