Top 10 Adventure Sports In Nepal
24 June, 2022
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Nepal is a country with diverse topography. From the world’s highest peak to the hills and humid terai all lies here in Nepal. If you are a traveler seeking breathtaking views and heart-stopping activity, you should definitely make Nepal your next destination. Nepal has a lot of bewitching adventures to offer for its visitors. From climbing some of the highest peaks to flying from the steepest hills in the world you can participate in everything adventurous you can ever think of in Nepal.

List of Top 10 Adventure Sports in Nepal

  1. Mountaineering
  2. Bungee jumping
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Wall Climbing
  5. Mountain Biking
  6. Canoeing
  7. Rafting
  8. Paragliding
  9. Ziplining
  10. Everest Sky Diving

Here we present you a list of 10 significant adventure sports you can choose from to participate in when you visit Nepal. You will get to know about the major attractions of these sports, related facts, where to find them, how much will these adventure sports cost, and more below:

1. Mountaineering

Mountaineering is one of the adventure sports you can perform outdoor. It is the act of climbing mountains and crossing them via Ferrata. Nepal is a country of mountains. The country is home to more than 8 mountains above 8000 meters of height. According to the tourism board of Nepal, 171937 people around the world came to Nepal for the purpose of trekking and mountaineering in 2019. Every year, more than 35000 tourists around the world come to Nepal to experience the top of the world, Mt.everest. However, Mt.everest is not the only mountain in Nepal to try mountaineering. There are 1300 mountains in Nepal over the height of 6000 meters to try mountaineering and some are even smaller. Some of the popular mountains for beginners in mountaineering are:

  • Kala Patthar
  • Mera Peak
  • Pisang Peak
  • Chulu West
  • Yala Peak
  • Pokalde,
  • Imja Tse
  • Lobuche

Although mountaineering offers you a lifetime experience of adventure, intriguing mountain views, and thoughts of achievement, it’s scary. Yes, mountaineering requires a lot of training and if you think you can skip it, you are inviting death. To know more about the training and its expenses, check out the official mountaineering page of Nepal ‘’. Also, there are certain seasons for climbing mountains like April, May and October are the most preferred months to climb mountains. The mountaineering time duration and expedition differ from mountain to mountain.

2. Bungee Jump

Bungee jump is another most popular adventure sport to perform in Nepal if you want to experience a drop in your heartbeat. In this sport, you will be jumping from a suspension bridge which will be at a significant height from the ground, and around the bridge will be a magnificent view of green hills. The professionals will let you be ready and count up to 5 until you finally jump. To be eligible to bungee jump, a person must weigh a minimum of 40 kgs and a maximum of 100 kgs. Simile the age of the jumper shall be more than 18 years.

Besides, there will be a harness tied to your body for safety. Talking about safety, you will jump under the supervision of professionals to have a thrilling yet secure jumping experience.

In Nepal, there are two places to perform the Bungee jump:

  • Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump
  • Hemja Bunge Jump
  • The Cliff kaligandaki

Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump

Here you will be jumping from a height of 160 meters and below will be the river ‘Bhotekoshi’. The distance between Kathmandu and Bhote Koshi bungee jump spot is 85-kilo meters and you can reach this place after a 3 hours drive from Kathmandu. The cost for a bungee jump is NRS. 6,800.

Hemja Bunge Jump

The height of the Hemja bungee jump spot is 80 meters and below will be the artificial pond of 20 meters in depth. The distance between Kathmandu and Hemja Bunge Jump spot is 208.8 kilometers and you can reach this place after a 6 hours drive from Kathmandu. The cost for a bungee jump is NRS. 4000.

The Cliff kaligandaki

Here you will be jumping from a height of 228 meters and below will be the flowing river of Kali Gandaki. The distance between Kathmandu and The Cliff kali Gandaki is 305.0 kilometers and you can reach this place after a 9 hours drive from Kathmandu. The cost for a bungee jump is NRS. 9000.

3. Rock Climbing

You can perform rock climbing at two places in Nepal:

  • Nagarjun Forest Reserve and
  • Hattiban

Nagarjun Forest Reserve

You can reach this place after 30 minutes of drive and 30 minutes of the hike. In order to rock climb at Nagarjun Forest Reserve, you do not have to be a professional. You need a partner or a group to go rock climbing here. You have to pay USD 267 for 2 people USD 400 for 4 people and USD 533 for six people.

Rock climbing at Hattiban

You can reach this place after 1 hour of drive and 20 minutes of the hike. In order to rock climb at Hattiban, you do not have to be a professional. You need a partner or a group to go rock climbing here. You have to pay USD 95 per person for rock climbing here.

4. Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is another adventure sport performed both indoors and outdoors. In this sport, the participants basically climb the wall stepping on small stones and boulders. In Nepal, there are 3 most popular places to do wall climbing and they are :

  • Astrek climbing wall

Astrek climbing wall is located in Astrek Complex Amrit Marg, Bagawan Bahal Marg, Kathmandu. The prince range varies from NRs.350 to NRs.450 depending on the days and time you visit. Besides, you will have to rent climbing shoes and harnesses for NRs.150 and NRs.100 respectively.

  • Initiative Outdoor Pvt. Ltd

Initiative Outdoor Pvt. Ltd is located in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal. It will cost you around NRS 450 per person to climb walls here.

  • Pasang Lhamu Sports Climbing Centre

Pasang Lhamu Sports Climbing Centre is located in Dhumbarahi, Shankha Park Kathmandu. It will cost you around NRS 500 per person to climb walls here with equipment included.

5. Mountain Biking

If you are willing to ride your mountain bike off-road over the uneven landscape, welcome to Nepal. Nepal is a country with three different topography, mountains, hills, and terai. AMost of the trekking routes of Nepal are great for mountain biking. Some of the most popular mountain biking routes in Nepal are:

  • Sarangkot
  • The Annapurna Circuit
  • Mustang

The time you might take to complete these biking routes differ from one another and also depends upon weather conditions. Mountain biking expenses differ with respect to the route and other factors. Besides, spending around USD 2500 on mountain biking tools is considered normal.

6. Canoeing

Canoeing is a type of water sport that can be done by people of all ages without any physical difficulties. In Nepal, you can perform canoeing, on a total of 16 rivers that are commercially graded by the government of Nepal for rafting, kayaking, and canoeing. Some of the most popular places for canoeing in Nepal are

  • Jalbire Canyon
  • Raindi Hola
  • Jagat Khola

The average cost of Canoeing is around USD 50 per person. However, this cost might differ from one place to another.

7. Rafting

Rafting is another exciting and adventurous sport to do in Nepal’s Himalayan rivers. There are multiple rivers you can perform rafting in depending upon the difficulty level as the flow of each river is different from the other. One of the most popular places to perform rafting for beginners is on the river Trishuli. The best thing about the Trishuli river is that its flow is mild and easy to handle. However, if you are an adventure freak, you should definitely try rafting on rivers like the Seti river, Karnali river, and Bheri river.

The cost of rafting differs from one place to other. In the case of Trishuli river rafting, it will cost NRS.1500 per person for a Nepalese citizen, INR 1500 for an Indian citizen, and USD 25 for the rest of the countries.

8. Paragliding

Paragliding is another adventure sport you can try7 in Nepalaround places like

  • Gorkha,
  • Kot Danda,
  • The Godavari,
  • Surkhet,
  • Phulchoki, and
  • Bandipur

You need special training for paragliding before you actually try it. The cost for paragliding is around NRS.3500 per person. The paragliding duration is around 20 to 30 minutes.

9. Ziplining

Ziplining is another popular adventure sport among young people. In this sport, you are harnessed with a thick rope that connects two hills. Hence, you will basically fly between the linked hill.s and experience the thrill of the depth between two hills. There are several ziplining places you can choose from. Some of the famous ones are :

  • Zip flyer Nepal by ‘highgroundnepal’(the tallest, longest, and the steepest zipline in the world),
  • Dhulikhel Zipline,
  • YOYO zipline

The average cost of ziplining in Nepal will cost you around USD 35. However, the cost will vary from one place to other and also on the basis of your nationality. The minimum age to try ziplining is 10 years with a guardian or else you need to be 18 years. You need to have a minimum weight of 34 kgs and a maximum weight of 125 kgs to try ziplining.

10. Everest Sky Diving

Don’t want to try mountaineering and still observe Everest closely? If yes, you will be stunned to know about Everest skydiving. In this adventure sport, you will be taken to the height of 23000 feet by a helicopter and then landed on the Amadablam Basecamp at 15000 feet and Syangboche village at 12340 feet. From there you can observe the Everest and the sherpa habitat very closely. Everest skydiving is a great choice for those who want to explore the top of the world and capture adventurous memories in a short period of time without making a lot of effort compared to mountaineering.

Besides, you can also choose to not jump but just observe the thrill and mountains. Talking about the cost, Everest sky diving will cost you from USD 25000 to 30000 depending on the jump you prefer. Besides, if you are just an observer you will have to pay USD5000.