Why Must Visit Nepal in 2020?
9 October, 2020
 mohamreet  246 Views

The year 2020 has announced as the ‘Tourism Year for Nepal’ and the campaign ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ is being promoted tremendously worldwide with a hope to make the country economically flourishing and to triumph over the wreckage of devastating 2015 earthquake.

The country full of adventures, Nepal needs no foreword about the exquisiteness it posses. It’s a must-visit destination for travel aficionados of all around the world. Explorers’ true heaven, Nepal coalesce serene Himalayan beauty, ancient holy sites, captivating hill villages, extreme jungle wildlife, medieval cities, warm and welcoming inhabitants and many more attributes to make the nation one of the best travel destinations in the world.

The land of great escapades offers a wide range of voyage options to each class of travelers from adventurous mountain trekking to ultimate wildlife experiences to holy pilgrimage to wisdom voyages. There are millions of reasons to put Nepal into the top of your travel bucket list, however here we have hoarded some of the best reasons for you to rejoin your perplexity about ‘Why You Must Visit Nepal in 2020?

1. The Ultimate destination for Mountain Enthusiasts

There is qualm about the fact that Nepal is the ultimate goal for any mountain lovers as it is prominently renowned in the world as the Himalayan country. Eight of the ten highest mountains in the world are in Nepal, and notably, it embraces the world’s highest peak, the Mount Everest (4,848 m). The adventurous opportunities like mount climbing, trekking, canyoning, paragliding and mountain biking around the worlds most peerless Himalayas is one of the top reasons to must visit Nepal in 2020.

2. Gothic Cities and Sanctified sites

The medieval cities and religious places visit are another one of the most excellent reasons to take a trip to Nepal in 2020. Visiting the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, admiring the peaks from astonishing Himalayan viewpoints, strolling around the medieval city squares of Patan, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu, and joining the spiritual journey to the birthplace of Lord Buddha ‘Lumbini’ is once in a lifetime experience one can acquire in Nepal.

3. Extreme Wildlife Adventures

Nepal is the country with lots of extreme National Parks and abundant water resources where one can take extreme wildlife voyage like rafting, birds and animals sightseeing, jungle safaris, kayaking, canoeing, flora and fauna exploration and many more. The wildlife adventures are without any doubt another one of the unsurpassed reasons to visit Nepal in 2020.

4. The Warmth of the Nepalese People

It said that the travelers come to Nepal for its beauty, but they come back again because of the warmth and hospitality of Nepali people. No matter how ordinary people are struggling to live their life, visitors welcome with respect and smile on the face everywhere in Nepal. The people mostly in rural villages are more appreciative towards the visitors. One can even stay in the local communities and explore the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the typical inhabitants of the rustic hamlets of Nepal. Believe us; once you come for a homestay experience in Nepal, you will strive to return to see and meet those people again.

5. Exceptional Trekking Routes

Most of the travelers around the world come to Nepal for the adventurous trekking and hiking into the exceptional trails of Himalayas of Nepal. Trekking trails of Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang region considers as one of the best hiking trails in the world. The exceptional trekking routes which offer the most adventurous voyages is undoubtedly the best reason to visit Nepal.

6. Peerless Culture and Festivity Experience

Nepal is a multicultural and multilingual nation that holds more than 35 ethnic groups with distinct culture and tradition and over 123 three languages. Hundreds of unique festivals are celebrated in Nepal, and each of them holds superior significance. The diversity of religion and culture has always been the essential attractions of tourism in Nepal, and that’s why you must visit Nepal.

7. Safe and Reasonable Costs

Unlike many other countries, Nepal is popularly known for the safe environment for travel and also for the affordable cost for great experiences. Planning a trip in Nepal would be one of the best decisions you ever made as you can seize the once in a lifetime experience at a reasonable price more than you imagined. Nepal was affected by a devastating earthquake in 2015, but the people, culture and beautiful paradise still stand tall even after the enormous losses.

8. Visiting for an Imperative motive

Travelers usually travel with a personal refreshment motive, but if you are coming to Nepal you will not just be traveling, it will be with an imperative purpose. As the world knows, Nepal suffered a disastrous loss in 2015 when the devastating earthquake hit the nation many times. Killed thousands of people, dismantled many ancient monuments, homes and many resources. The campaign Visit Nepal 2020 is expected to be the great support to the fragile economic conditions of the nation and rural families. So, it is one of the most important reasons why you must visit Nepal in 2020.

We, the Trekkers Nepal, are keenly waiting to welcome all of you and present you the memorable experience of your life.